What is the price of a Bird Deterrent System?

A number of things determine the cost of a Bird Deterrent System, depending on your needs. Here we will go through the most important ones for you to consider before ordering a new Bird Deterrent System from Semco Maritime.

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Common Problems With Bird Deterrent Systems

Birds are generally easy to predict, being driven by survival instincts and a constant search for food. Yet, they do not always adhere to our expectations, which is why any bird repellent system is not 100% bulletproof. Here are some of the possible explanations:

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How does the Semco Maritme Bird Detection System work?

The presence of gulls and other seabirds on offshore installations can have a negative impact on the facility. In some cases, the birds may become an issue as soon as the crew leaves the facility. In other cases, these issues are permanent regardless of the crew members’ presence or even if extreme measures are being enforced.

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